Stack's Bowers and The 1HoDLCLUB Mint

Stack's Bowers and The 1HoDLCLUB Mint

For those unfamiliar, Stack's Bowers Galleries, established in 1933, is America's oldest rare coin auction house. Over the years, Stack's Bowers Galleries has auctioned many of the rarest coins and most valuable collections ever assembled.

In 2021, Stack's Bowers announced its first-ever auction of a BTC collectible, becoming the first major auction house to offer a BTC collectible. The inaugural piece was a 2013 Lealana 0.1 Bitcoin coin in Silver, which sold for a final price of $33,600.

Since then, Stack's Bowers has organized eight different auctions featuring BTC and other collectibles. Each auction showcases a variety of crypto collectibles.

Following the first auction, the collections primarily included coins from Casascius and Lealana. From June 2022, Satori Poker Chips and BTCC coins were introduced, followed by offerings from Cryptoimperator, Denarium, Anarcoins, and Alpencoins. The Spring 2023 auction featured 1HoDLCLUB Collectibles consigned by collectors.

The first 1HoDLCLUB collectibles auctioned were from the Bitcoin Casino collection, including poker chips in Brass, Copper, and Clay, each loaded with 0.0005 BTC. There were also two 1oz Fine Silver GENESIS coins, each loaded with 0.0021 BTC.

It was an honor and a pleasure to see our collectibles garner such interest from collectors.

Since then, 1HoDLCLUB collectibles have been a staple at these auctions. A highlight was the August 2023 auction, where a rare 45gr Fine Gold .999 1HoDLCLUB Gold Poker Chip was featured, attracting significant collector interest.

Stack's Bowers' cryptocurrency auctions have become a go-to destination for finding 1HoDLCLUB collectibles, especially those missed during the official 1HoDLCLUB releases.

The fact that 1HoDLCLUB collectibles have piqued the interest of collectors and are featured in a major auction house like Stack's Bowers is a true honor.

A heartfelt thank you to Stack's Bowers, and above all, to the collectors, without whom none of this would be possible.
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