PCGS and The 1HoDLCLUB Mint

PCGS and The 1HoDLCLUB Mint

PCGS, known formally as the Professional Coin Grading Service, stands as a revered institution in the realm of coin grading and authentication. For decades, PCGS has served as the trusted beacon of expertise for collectors worldwide, offering a secure sanctuary for their beloved pieces since its inception in 1986

It is with immense pride and excitement that we announce a groundbreaking development: collectors can now have their 1HODLCLUB collectibles graded by PCGS!

This achievement not only signifies a remarkable milestone for 1HODLCLUB but also marks a significant step towards embracing a broader audience of collectors. It speaks volumes about the work of the 1HODLCLUB.

Thank you to MinerJones for keeping the 1HoDLCLUB informed about all the items accepted for grading and for the various pieces of information he provided that has contributed to the writing of this article.

The PCGS website allows you to view the collectibles that have already been graded by them, along with their grades and quantities. You will also find photos if the person who had their collectible graded paid for the photo service.

For optimal preservation of your 1HODLCLUB collectibles, we highly recommend sending them to PCGS for grading as soon as possible after receiving the items.

Different options are available to you for this, ranging from regular service to walkthrough service. For the regular service, you can expect the grading of your collectibles to take between 4 to 5 months, and it will cost you $40. The Express service, for those who are more impatient, will allow you to have your collectibles graded within 1 to 1.5 months for a cost of $70. And for those who can travel, there is the walkthrough service, which will allow you to have your collectibles graded within 1 week and costs $150.

In addition to ensuring perfect preservation of your 1HoDLCLUB collectibles, PCGS grading (and in general) is essential if you intend to consign one of your collectibles for auction at a rare coin auction house such as Stacks Bowers.

Some grading services become unavailable if your coins have exceeded a certain value during a Stacks Bowers auction. Once sold during an auction, the PCGS# of the graded collectible is linked to its selling price during that auction.

"You can see the "Auctions - PCGS Graded" section in the screenshot."

For example, if a 5oz GENESIS bar has already been graded and put up for auction, sold for over $2,500, future collectors wishing to have it graded by PCGS will no longer be able to use the "regular" service for grading their bars and will have to pay $70 to use the "express" service instead.

Of course, PCGS is not only in the US; there are PCGS branches in Europe, Asia, and China. Each branch enables our collectors to send their collectibles for grading to the one closest to their location or directly for walkthrough services.

For all our 1HoDLCLUB collectors who wish to have their collectibles graded but may not necessarily have the time to do so, MinerJones, an Early Supporter of 1HoDLCLUB as well as a trusted member of our community, can help simplify things by receiving your collectibles to send them for grading at PCGS and returning them to you once the grading is completed.

If you're interested in his services, you can contact him directly on X (Formerly on Twitter) preferably before placing your order so that the collectibles can be delivered to him upon purchase.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this article. We are approaching the 4th year of existence of 1HoDLCLUB, and all its milestones confirm the quality of the work being done here, of which we are very proud. And of course, a big thank you to all the collectors; your support and trust have made all of this possible, and we are very grateful for it. And a big thank you to PCGS; it is an honor.

The 1HODLCLUB Mint will always strive to deliver the best of its craft.

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