MrCryptHodl and the 1HoDLCLUB

Bitcoin Collectibles Creator

the 1HoDLCLUB was created by MrCryptHodl in January 2021, bitcoin ethuastist since 2011, inspired by casascius, satori and others. I wanted to bring my Bitcoin creations to the public, my creations in addition to being “art” are Bitcoin coldstorage wallets. They allow you to have your Bitcoin physically in your hands, in a coin or even a painting.

After the success of my first creations, I quickly grew up and was able to produce new creations thanks to the support of all my buyers. Thanks to our community!

Bitcoin is more than a cryptocurrency, it’s a lifestyle, a way of thinking, Bitcoin brings freedom, and it’s our last way out of this system.

This is just the beginning…


Frequently asked questions

about 1HoDLCLUB

1HoDLCLUB and key making

MrCryptHoDL (creator of the 1HoDLCLUB) has been produced key since 2021, he's registered as founder of 1HODLGROUP GMBH (the equivalent of an LLC in Switzerland) in the Swiss commercial register. it's a trusted member for the Bitcointalk Forum Community. MrCryptHoDL is publicly known by his clients.From the beginning 1HoDLCLUB created by MrcryptHoDL produced Key on an air grabbed machine with a very strict protocol to follow.

How did you generate the private keys? 

The generation is done on an air grabbed machine specially designed for this, the machine contains open source key generation software, QR code generation software in Batch as well as OpenCalc.

For those who don't know what an air grabbed machine is, it is a computer that has never been connected to the internet and never will be, the motherboard does not contain components such as a bluetooth or Wifi chip. All peripherals are connected by cable (Mouse, Keyboard and printer), the printer used for printing is also airgrabbed without bluetooth or Wifi and is reinstalled at each print.

At each key generation, the private keys are separated from the public keys to allow the creation of the reference list, they are put in a new usb key which will then be destroyed after the transfer. The complete list is kept until the holograms are applied to double check that the public and private keys match during the application of the holograms and private keys to the coins and then is deleted.

At each collection the machine is formatted and all the USB keys and hard drive used are destroyed and remplaced with new ones.

Do you keep a copy of the private key and Who has had access to it ?

I do not keep any private keys, I am the only person who handles them from start to finish. I am the only one to do the whole process from creating the keys to sending the packages. no external risk is taken.

It's impossible to prove you didn't keep the private keys, and with all the Bitcoin scams lately, why should I believe you?

I gave my real world identity and address to all my clients and shipments are made in the name of my company registered in the Swiss commercial register, hence my name, surname and address are publicly available, everything is public.I meet other artists in real life and when the occasion allows it, participate in Bitcoin events. All this allows in case of scam to make me legally responsible, Something scammers don't do.
Scam is not an option for me, its a shame.

More question ?

Don't hesitate to contact me. On Twitter or