MrCryptHodl and the 1HoDLCLUB

Bitcoin Collectibles Creator

The 1HoDLCLUB was founded by MrCryptHodl in January 2021. As a Bitcoin enthusiast since 2011, inspired by Casascius, Satori, and others, I aimed to share my Bitcoin creations with the public. My creations are not just ‘art’; they also function as Bitcoin cold storage wallets. They offer a unique way to physically hold your Bitcoin in your hands, whether in the form of a coin or even a painting.

Following the success of my initial creations, I was able to expand rapidly, producing new and innovative designs, thanks to the support of all my buyers. A heartfelt thank you to our community!

Bitcoin is more than just a cryptocurrency; it’s a lifestyle, a new way of thinking. Bitcoin represents freedom and stands as our final escape from the conventional system.

This is just the beginning…