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2-Coins Set Bitcoin Pizza Day 2023

2-Coins Set Bitcoin Pizza Day 2023

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Mintage : 21
Material : Fine Silver 999.9
Size : 32 mm
Thickness : 2.8 mm
Weight : 1/2 Oz
Denomination : 1 mBTC (0.001BTC) Each coin is loaded with 0.001 BTC

This is the third official collection of the year 2023 of the 1HoDLCLUB!

This is a Fine Silver 999.9 2-coins set, each piece weighs 1/2 oz of Fine Silver 999.9! one piece proudly bears the BTC logo on the front while the second piece features the irreplaceable PEPE THE FROG!
On the back of each coins you will find the new 1HoDLCLUB security hologram! New design, each hologram has the firstbit inscribed but also a QR code which directly gives you the public BTC address of your coins! all this to make all the important information accessible directly on the hologram itself!

With each set you will be issued a certificate bearing the serial numbers as well as the BTC public keys in the form of a QR code for both! Each certificate is numbered and signed by hand!

All the coins have the denomination 0.001 BTC (1mBTC) and are sold loaded [Of course they will be loaded once they reach the hands of their new owners and loading gonna be made by batch]

there are exactly 21 2-coins sets that will be in circulation, from serial 1 to 21.

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